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The Awakening of Winter

I awaken from my slumber,

winter waits at my front door.

It only snowed a few inches,

I am constantly craving more.

A message to my crew,

A signal if you will.

It's time to load the sleds,

It's time to hit the hills.

A few hours before sunrise,

We chase the bluebird haze.

First to hit the trailhead,

Means fresh powder and lines for days.

We are all different in our gear,

Our sleds a motley crew.

Yet we all face the same fears,

The challenge of something new.

Each on a different page,

Of the manual of 'how to'.

Each learning how to ride,

Passionate about what we pursue.

Some carve and shred so gracefully,

While others are learning to hang on.

Some are sticking to the trails,

While others search the vast beyond.

Some are 'just gunna send it'.

Some adjust their slick bow ties.

We are all working on improvements,

Every sledder gets out and tries.

Awaken your ambitions,

Don't be afraid of getting on your ride.

Try things that push you further,

Try things that give you pride.

You're not growing if your comfortable,

Everyone starts at the same place.

Push yourself, within reason,

Personal growth is not a race.

Unless you're in the Iron Dog,

Then speed is your best friend.

We'll cheer you on from the start,

and meet you at the end.

Wherever you find passion,

Whatever makes you smile,

Pour your heart into it often,

Life only lasts a little while.

Sierra Winter Smith

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1 Comment

Shelly Shank
Shelly Shank
Nov 13, 2023

I am loving the Poetry Winter Blue!!

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