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Can you represent our brand the Sierra Winter Way?

Sierra Winter is seeking passionate and authentic brand ambassadors who embody individuality and pride in self-expression. We're searching for individuals who are enthusiastic about the backcountry and powersport industries, deeply invested in community growth, and committed to supporting and empowering others. If you're someone who embraces your uniqueness, loves adventure, and thrives on uplifting those around you, we want you to join us in representing Sierra Winter. Together, let's inspire and make a positive impact in our communities and beyond.

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What's Included

Why should you represent the Sierra Winter Way?

Selected Sierra Winter ambassadors receive an exclusive package tailored to elevate their representation of our brand. This package includes $300 off a custom wrap, allowing ambassadors to personalize their gear with our signature style. Additionally, ambassadors will receive a cozy Sierra Winter hoodie or gear bag and a sticker pack to showcase their affiliation with our brand. Ambassadors will also be featured with a bio on our website and highlighted on our social media platforms, providing increased visibility and recognition. Furthermore, ambassadors will be equipped with a specific promo code to share with their followers, granting access to exclusive Sierra Winter swag. As an added bonus, sales generated through the ambassador's promo code will translate to store credit, allowing them to further indulge in our offerings.

Join us in championing the spirit of adventure and community as a
Sierra Winter ambassador!

What's Expected

What do we expect of our brand ambassadors?

As a Sierra Winter brand ambassador, you'll embark on an exhilarating journey showcasing our brand's essence and adventure spirit. To align with our vision, ambassadors are expected to purchase a custom wrap for their backcountry vehicle, whether it's a snowmobile, ATV, UTV, snow bike, or any other vehicle that fuels their passion for the outdoors. Additionally, ambassadors commit to sharing one post per month (totaling 10) on their social media platforms, showcasing the Sierra Winter brand and its unique offerings. Furthermore, ambassadors are encouraged to contribute to our community by submitting a Google Review for Sierra Winter, helping to spread the word about our exceptional products and services. For our Alaskan ambassadors, we extend the invitation to attend a photoshoot and/or the Awakening of Winter premier with their wrapped vehicle, providing an exciting opportunity to showcase their dedication and love for the backcountry lifestyle. Join us in igniting the spirit of adventure and camaraderie as a Sierra Winter brand ambassador!

Ambassador Application

Thanks for submitting!

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